Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions that we have answered to help you better understand the services that the Missouri Cremation Services is going to provide its members.

Do they perform their own cremations? If so, can you tour the cremation facility? If not, who does the cremations for them and where are they located?
Our cremations are performed on site in a state-of-the-art crematory. All of our cremations are under the supervision of a Certified Crematory Operator and follow a strict multi-step process assuring the identity of the deceased and the cremated remains at every step while they are in our care.

Our crematory and staff are routinely inspected by state regulatory offices and the crematory is also available for inspection by the public upon scheduling. Public inspection can occur only when the crematory is not in use to protect the privacy of our client families.

Our crematory also is equipped with a viewing room in which family members may choose to witness the cremation process.

Do they require the body be identified prior to cremation?
Yes, positive identification of the body is required before cremation can occur, however, the family has the right to waive positive identification if they do not deem it necessary.

Can the cremation be witnessed by a family member or designated individual?
Absolutely, if fact, we serve a wide variety different cultural and ethnic people, some of whom, are required to witness the cremation for religious reasons.

What is the average time between receiving the deceased and the completion of the cremation?
24 hours, the reason for the 24-hour delay is because our licensed professionals need to secure all of the legal documents and paperwork required to perform a cremation.

Do they have refrigeration facilities to hold the body prior to cremation?

What is the procedure to track the body through the cremation process and verify the identity of the cremated remains following cremation?
As soon as the body is placed in our care, a metal identification tag with a "cremation tracking number" is assigned to each body. The metal identification tag remains with the body through all stages of body preparation and cremation and is ultimately treated as a safety check to insure that the cremation identification number matches with the appropriate name.

How are the cremated remains returned if an urn is not provided prior to cremation?
What is the policy regarding holding of the cremated remains after the cremation is completed? A temporary urn is included in membership to our organization. If our members do not choose to purchase or provide their own urn, the cremated remains will be returned in the temporary urn. Our policy is to hold on to cremated remains for one year after the cremation is performed, if the survivors have not expressed any interest in have the cremated remains returned we scatter the remains.

What is the policy in regards to disposing prosthetics, artificial hips, knees, etc.
If requested, these items will be returned to the family. Provided there are not special request made by the survivors, these items are disposed of in accordance to state regulations.

Will they give you references of other families who have used their services?
Absolutely, we would be happy to provide a list of references.

Have their crematory operators been certified by a recognized organization, such as CANA, in the proper use of the cremation equipment and care of the body and cremated human remains?

Yes, in accordance with state law, only licensed professionals are allowed to operate cremation equipment.

When my loved one passes away, whom should I call?
Call 888.670.0802 at the time of death. The number is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Shortly after we receive the call, we will send licensed staff to make the removal of the deceased. Please allow for the travel time between locations. Many families appreciate and utilize this time to say goodbye in a natural setting. Additional time may be required to secure authorizations and medical examiner's permit.

How is the body prepared for cremation?
Minimal preparation and sanitary care is done and the body is placed in refrigeration.

When will cremation take place?
Cremation must take place within 24 hours of the time of death for a direct cremation. All certificates, authorizations and permits must be obtained prior to cremation.

In what container will my loved one be cremated?
We provide a fiberboard container, which is included in the direct cremation charge. Should you select a crematable casket, it would serve as a cremation container.

Who places the obituary?
We gather the biographical information and submit the obituary to all newspapers requested by the family. Any additional newspaper charges are paid by the family.

Who files the death certificates and how long does it take for them to arrive?
Missouri Cremation Services will file for the death certificates. The State of Missouri currently charges $10 per certificate. Please allow up to one month for delivery of the certificates.

Do we need to use a funeral home for any additional services?
Missouri Cremation Services provides no additional services beyond simple cremation. That is how we are able to keep our costs so reasonable for our members. If a family is interested in the services of a full service funeral home for additional services such as visitations, gatherings and memorial services, Missouri Cremation Services will assist in locating an affiliated funeral home. Participating affiliates offer a 10% savings on all service and merchandise.